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Note about releases

0.8.0 doesn't mean the game is 80% complete. After 0.9.0 we'll release 0.10.0. Naming scheme is 0.X.YA - X is major numerical version based on the milestone in our (currently) internal documents, Y is a numerical feature update, A is a letter signifing a bugfix release. We might also do small hotfixes without a version upgrade from time to time. We plan to exit Early Access (1.0) before the end of 2020, and we plan do continue doing FREE updates afterwards.

Finished releases

Upcoming scheduled releases

  • 0.8.5 - November 11th - stay tuned!
  • 0.8.6 - November 25th - stay tuned!


This is a draft of features in the pipeline as we need to adapt to the feedback and our manpower after Early Access. All the following features are planned to be implemented before 1.0. Note that this is definitely not a complete list, and other things will be implemented along the way!

Upcoming planned features

  • plot screens between moons
  • overhaul of more "boring" traits - Ironman/Reloader/SoaB
  • shields for enemies and player (lategame)

Regular planned updates

  • more branches and special levels
  • more enemy types
  • more traits, more distinct traits
  • more item variety
  • more environmental interaction
  • more challenges
  • performance improvements
  • UI improvements

Long term planned features

  • boss fights at the end of every episode
  • more terminal interaction and hacking
  • simple cutscenes between episodes
  • interconnected objectives (early game choices with late game consequences)
  • modular weapons (with assembly)
  • Dante station instead of Beyond
  • unique enemies and unique weapons
  • Trial modes - challenges that modify the whole game world (Ao100, Arena)
  • Seeds of the day, Challenge of the day, online leaderboards
  • full procedural destruction (hopefully)
  • full modding support
  • full console support (and fake console mode)