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A modern, yet classic sci-fi roguelike,
spiritual successor to D**m, the Roguelike.

An epic battle of a lone marine against the forces of hell,
taking place on the moons of Jupiter.



Jupiter Hell 0.7.0 - The War on Io

Welcome to Io, Marines - there's a war raging! There's a lot of meat in this release so gear up and get ready (and restart Steam to force the update!)


We’ve added a whole new level, Io, placed between Europa and Beyond. On Io you'll encounter CRI - a "good" corporation who came to take out the trash. Unfortunately, that also includes you. Two new enemies from this faction can be encountered - CRI marines and CRI bots.

NOTE: Io and it's content is a work in progress - there's only one branch, no special levels, and no new weapons (yes, they're coming!). Our next update should address that so stay tuned!


We’ve also added a full-blown tutorial for new players or to refresh your memory. Technically it's mandatory, but if you really don't want to do it, set skip_tutorial to true in the options. We’ve also included is a more robust help system.


Each of the three classes has gotten an active skill that is available from the start, and is usable once per level. Marine acquires Adrenaline which can convert your pain factor into health, Scout has gotten Stealth, which is basically a short-term invisibility (broken by attacking though) and Technician has a Smoke Screen which works exactly like a smoke grenade thrown under your feet!


These are special rooms that appear on some levels, that have locked doors. You need to find a terminal to unlock them and inside you'll find some more difficult enemies. You'll find a special box too though!


We're starting modestly with 3 classics making a comeback - Light Travel, Shotgunnery and Impatience, updated for Jupiter Hell. Also joining are Carnage (Rockets only) and Confidence (warp to Europa). Each of the challenges is accompanied by 3 badges that you can earn - no ranks yet, but that's coming too (unfortunately we had to invalidate earned medals to implement it, that might happen from time to time before we go into EA).


We’ve taken a look at the scoring system and revamped it so it’s easier to understand:

(score = ("depth reached" * 100 + "special levels cleared" * 100
       + kill count + medal values)*(difficulty factor))

We’re pretty happy withe this as it makes a bit more sense, but let us know what you think!


Finally there's a lot more music added to Callisto by our Roland La Goy, and a general sound update for the enemies - turn those sliders up :P.

So that’s all for this release, Marines!

Jupiter Hell 0.6.0 - The Universal Soldier Update

(Re)Boot Camp

Buckle up, Marines. Today we’re starting a new cadence of updates that culminates in our Early Access release this summer.

We want to better organize our updates around core features we’re implementing, as well as keep our current and future community informed on happenings around the studio, and lastly get more people in the beta for direct feedback for the upcoming release. We’re starting today with what we’re calling the “Universal Soldier” update, so gear up, read this briefing and get your ass to Jupiter.

The Universal Soldier

We’ve been listening to feedback and made a major gameplay change for 0.6 - universal weapon slots. Separate slots for sidearms, primary and heavy weapons were needlessly complex and not adding much to the tactical gameplay so as of today, you can carry any weapon in any slot. And yes, this means you can carry three chainguns at a time. We’re also adding a trait for Scouts and Technicians to increase the amount of weapon slots available.

Medals, Fixed Exalted Enemies & Gameplay Tweaks

Players of our previous game that start with a D and end with an RL will recognize this next feature - Medals! They are extremely hard to get but you’ll now see Medals show up on your death screen in the player data section. Medals are gameplay achievements that you can collect over time, now including real-time tracking for speedrunners. We’ll be adding badges and more challenges in the future so stay tuned for more updates.

Additionally, we’re doing a little spring cleaning around the games features. We tweaked the level generators for Callisto and Europa with better lootbox and turret placement (check out the new rocket turrets!) as a side-effect. This should also improve the BSP generator to be more common. We also finally fixed exalted enemies to now drop good loot on death - the risk now has a reward!

We made some significant changes are in weapon/ammo balancing:

  • Revolvers and hunter rifles now use the new .44 ammo. Both got a damage buff and were made common.

  • Double shotguns and auto shotguns have made more common

  • Rocket launcher are more viable, as you’ll find heavy enemies carrying them

  • Revolver, hunter rifles, double shotguns and auto shotguns are now carried by enemies and have their advanced variants available

Last, in 0.5 & 0.5.2 we added full-fledged controller support as well as drones and turrets.

PAX, Discord & Future Plans

We were at PAX East last month and had a great time showing Jupiter Hell to players from around the world!

We got a lot of valuable feedback as people took the game for a run. Additionally, we got some press thanks to our friends at Hardcore Gamer, Sick Critic and Gaming On Linux:

Finally, as we mentioned, we’re starting the ‘road to hell’ AKA the road to Early Access. We’re going to be doing larger updates and communicating more as we get closer and closer to release.

Another part of this initiative is growing and organizing our community better. Starting soon, we’re going to have a promotion on our Discord to get more people into the beta and incentivize you to play more. Stay tuned for more but in the meantime, join the Jupiter Hell Discord server here:

That’s it for now, Marines! See you in cosmic space hell. and Beta 0.5.0!

First of all, due to popular demand, we've been working on pre-Early Access Beta availability. We're now happy to offer Jupiter Hell BETA via! Note that buying BETA access through will still provide you a Steam key at Early Access! 

If you're a backer of Jupiter Hell at the player level below BETA access and want to upgrade to BETA, e-mail us at ( support at chaosforge org ) with your Kickstarter data (backer number and e-mail used) for a 75%-off coupon for the BETA - (you will still be entitled to only one Steam key though!).

 At this moment the BETA costs more than the game will cost at Early Access - this is done to be fair to Kickstarter backers. The game will have a regular lower price at Early Access launch - tentatively scheduled for June!

Beta 0.5.0 released!

Since 0.4.0 we've been hard at work on the Vulkan renderer (and following that, OSX support) - the task proved to be more tricky than we anticipated, and while we're not quite there yet, we're pretty close! Apart from that we've implemented player data, several new traits, exalted (champion) enemy groups, did a full overhaul of level generation parameters, started implementing modular weapons, and in the background created (but not yet implemented in-game) the visuals for Io!

Coming up next!

Early Access is might be still almost half a year away, but time is ticking! We're comited to both finishing long term tasks (Vulkan, I'm looking at you!), as well as seriously upping up implementation of gameplay systems. Below is a list of things that we hope to achieve for the 0.6.0 release!

  • more level generators
  • more interesting level interactions
  • more enemies
  • turrets and more weaponary!
  • AI upgrades
  • Vulkan and OSX port
  • Io!

You can check the Steam news posts for detailed changelogs!


Jupiter Hell is a roguelike set in a 90's flavored sci-fi universe. Set on the moons of Jupiter, the game pits a lone space marine against overwhelming demonic forces. Rip and tear zombies, demons and unmentionable monstrosities, using classic weaponry such as shotguns, chainguns, railguns and the trusty chainsaw. All to the shine of CRT monitors and the tune of heavy metal!

Dive deep into a true form of the 30 year old roguelike game genre that has resurged in popularity. Experience turn-based, grid-based permadeath and fully procedural levels, all in glorious 3D visuals. Get ready for the spiritual successor to DoomRL, the parody roguelike that years ago streamlined the traditional format and popularised a new wave of accessible roguelikes. Distilled, hardcore gameplay, fast-paced challenge and limitless death all await.

Welcome to Jupiter Hell.


True Roguelike!

  • Permadeath adds tension and significance to gameplay decisions
  • Turn-based and grid-based world to emphasise tactical decision making
  • Procedural environments mean you never know what’s lurking behind the next corner
  • Brutal but fair difficulty will have you constantly coming back for more

Fluid Gameplay

  • Dynamic turn-based action with adaptive animation lets you play at your own pace
  • Intuitive UI for clear and fast decision-making
  • Streamlined gameplay centres on the action instead of micromanagement
  • Action-centric game flow with repeated peaks of blood-stained joy

Smart Procedural Generation

  • Sadistic algorithms create unending challenges
  • Randomised missions intertwine with adaptive plot arcs for continuous variety
  • Generated events and environmental interactions keep you constantly engaged
  • Built upon decades of expertise in producing truly engaging procedural content

Limitless Challenge

  • Highly varied enemies require different strategies to beat, especially in combination
  • Unique enemy behaviours and skills
  • Legendary boss battles that will test your worth as a player
  • Advanced difficulty modes and special challenges for the most masochistic players