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Jupiter Hell 0.9.8 - Message!

Jupiter Hell 0.9.8 - Message!

Jupiter Hell 0.9.8 "Message" is live! The four major features of this version are the terminal messages (and their Journal storage!), intermission screens, buffed AV items and improved exotic weapons! See for yourself!

Terminal messages

Apart from being a lore source, this is also the first stage of Jupiter Hell's take on "quests". Some of the messages you'll find will have information on items, events or other content that is available later in the levels, possibly affecting your branch choice. In later versions these will become more complex, up to full "quest" chains.

Don't worry, the important shit is highlighted, so you can safely ignore all the
useless flavor text
immersive narration ;)

All messages that have information related to the gameplay world can be downloaded to your journal. All plot exposition-only messages are grayed out.

Intermission screens

What would be a Doo^D^D^D... shooter roguelike without intermission screens? At the end of each moon you get a screen highlighting your kill, loot and special level completion count, along with a rolling tally.

AV items and perks rework

When was the last time you were excited by a AV1 drop? Well, from this version on you might decide to take a closer look at all of them. We decided that AV weapons will have fewer traits but definitely stronger (in particular stronger effects than those you can get from mods). AV1 weapons have one common perk, AV2 have two, and AV3 weapons have one common and one advanced perk. Oh, didn't mention - perks have now rarity tiers - common, advanced and exotic ;).

Exotic weapons

Not only did we do a balance pass on all the exotic weapons to make them something a lot more exciting to find, we also gave EACH exotic its dedicated unique perk. Some of those are really interesting and fun, and give each exotic its own personality.

Balance changes

We nerfed a bit the two outlier perks in the mod selection to make builds less reliable on Whizkid, and decreased the modability of some weapons, especially AV ones as they roll with much stronger perks now. We've also split elemental immunity sources into resistance and full immunity. Two resistance sources will usually give you immunity. As far as buffs go, there's a lot more terminals, stations etc in the game, as well as extra stuff to find from message sources, and a guaranteed Mk1 manufacture station on Europa L1. This is even more useful, as now you can manufacture some rarer base weapons (the orange kind) at those stations too.

Oh, and the non-AV findable melee weapons got buffed!


Several small things have been fixed, but most importantly we've addressed various issues related to inaccessible rooms and vaults blocking paths to terminals.


Beta 0.9.8 - Message - April 12, 2021
NEW #1322 - Data module in terminals with messages!
NEW #1321 - Journal screen with important message store!
NEW #1319 - storable information messages with world effect
NEW #1323 - big set of flavor messages for terminals
NEW #1285 - Intermission screens between moons and on win!
NEW #1233 - exotics have their dedicated perks + 1 random!
NEW #1311 - AV items now have 1 or 2 perks, but stronger!
NEW #1310 - couple new perks available through modding
NEW #1310 - item perks now have tiers (common, adv, exotic)
CHANGE #1233 - exotic weapons once again drop from special boxes
CHANGE #1309 - base weapon manufacture at manufacture stations
CHANGE #1309 - Europa L1 has a Mk1 manufacture station
CHANGE #1315 - reload times equal or greater to 2 turns buffed
CHANGE #1295 - most resistance sources are only part effective
CHANGE #1310 - removed advanced perks from regular mod lists
CHANGE #1306 - non-ADV-capable melee weapons buffed slightly
CHANGE #0642 - fixed most outstanding ASCII mode bugs
CHANGE #1310 - mod capacity of ADV weapons 1 lower than regular
CHANGE #1310 - high mod capacity of many weapons reduced by 1
CHANGE #1310 - item view shows total mod capacity incl. Whizkid
CHANGE #1316 - terminals are guaranteed on events that use them
CHANGE #1323 - Callisto L2, Europa L2 and Io L2 have terminals
CHANGE #1314 - auto weapons split into semi, auto and rotary
CHANGE #1314 - semi weapons now have their own level rewards
CHANGE #1233 - massively increased the start ammo on AoHubris
FIX #1323 - terminal will always be reachable from the entry
FIX #0642 - broadcast wont trigger powerjack anymore
FIX #1324 - extra stealth shots will now properly stack
FIX #1295 - partial resistances fixed
FIX #1295 - archreavers properly acid-resistant
FIX #1312 - fixed sustain perk overflow and shot cost bug
FIX #1307 - vaults will no longer block paths to elevators
FIX #1308 - Europa Ruins inaccessible rooms fixed

What's next

We're going to bring you a content patch next, in around 3 weeks, with basically "more!" - more actionable message stuff, more exotics, more events and more perks, stay tuned!