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Jupiter Hell 0.9.7 - Expanse! + full release date announcement!

Jupiter Hell 0.9.7 - Expanse! + full release date announcement!

Took us a bit more time, but this release is HUGE! Jupiter Hell 0.9.7 Expanse
features larger moons, mid-point levels, new generators for second halfs of the moons, 4 new branches and 4 new special levels, much improved monster placement and lists, and on top of that a huge rework of traits! But before we go into detail - there’s an important announcement we need to make.

Full release date and new publisher

Jupiter Hell has been in Early Access for 18 months now, and we’ve been providing you with a - more or less - steady stream of updates featuring new content, bug fixes, polish, and implementations of your feedback. It’s about time we announce our full release plans.

With 5 more regular monthly updates to go, we’re getting ready to release Jupiter Hell 1.0 on the 5th of August, 2021. To make the most of the full release, we’re teaming up with Hyperstrange, the developer of ELDERBORN and POSTAL: Brain Damaged, who will assume the role of the publisher.

Hyperstrange are good old friends and great fans and supporters of Jupiter Hell. Their ELDERBORN is an Early Access success story, and we’re convinced that if an indie dev needs a publisher at all, they should bring some unique perspective and understanding to the table. Hyperstrange does. They’re already around our Discord, so if you have any questions for them - don’t hesitate to ask!

The first obvious question we can answer right here, right now: yes, we do have updates planned beyond the full release, which also aligns us with Hyperstrange, who also support and expand their games post-launch.

So, there it is - six more months until full release. We’re excited, and we’re shifting gears on the development. Now, back to regular programming! Here's what the Expanse update brings to Jupiter Hell:

Expanded moons

Each of the three moons now sports 7 levels. Each moon has a midpoint level, with dedicated generators at level 4. Each moon has different new generators for its latter half, to provide for a more varied and interesting experience when traveling the main route. Additionally, due to the moons being larger, each moon will connect to three branches.

New branches

A total of four branches have been added - Callisto Rift, Europa Ruins, Shadow Halls and Noxious Mines. Each new branch has a new special level, Noxious Mines use the old Noxious Hollow, while Infernal Lock has been added to Io main route. Especially of note are Europa Ruins and Shadow Halls which feature a brand new tileset, and especially interesting special levels ;)

Expanded traits

As if that were not enough there is a HUGE expansion of traits. Every trait has now 3 levels, and while some higher levels are just additional stats, among the expanded traits some have completely new (or significantly revamped) effects!

Listing every change in this department would make this post longer than anyone would care to read so either read the descriptions in game, or the massive changelog below!

Interesting traits to note are the new Sysop trait, the Headshot trait enhancements (and changing it to a on cooldown effect so you can now take it with Wizard), 3 levels of Toxicologist, the scout Infiltrator trait, the really fun 2 new levels of Remote Hack, the redesigned Swashbuckler trait, the new Cover Master trait... actually, you'd just better fire up the game and read the trait descriptions anew :D

You'll be able to take advantage of the new trait levels, as the expanded moons result in more XP!

As we merged some traits together, and removed a few underused traits, we're left some space to add new exciting traits in the future too!

Monster generation

The game we all know is known for its huge fights, and Jupiter Hell can't be any different! Monsters now more often get generated in larger packs, especially at higher difficulties, leading to more exciting fights and a better challenge once you're already rocking that Master Trait of choice ;). We also balanced late game spawns better - Io and Beyond won't be a cakewalk anymore.

Full Changelog

That's no moon, it's the changelog!

Beta   0.9.7 - Expanse - February 22, 2021
NEW #1235 - all moons are an extra level longer
NEW #1235 - Callisto Hub midpoint level
NEW #1235 - Callisto - second part has new generators
NEW #1244 - Callisto - new branch - Callisto Rift
NEW #1247 - Callisto - Callisto Rift special level
NEW #1235 - Europa - Concourse midpoint level
NEW #1235 - Europa - second part has new generators
NEW #1245 - Europa - new branch - Europa Ruins
NEW #1248 - Europa - new special level - Frozen Temple
NEW #1235 - Io - Nexus mipoint level
NEW #1235 - Io - second part has new generators
NEW #1235 - Io - Noxious Mines branch added (Noxious Hollow)
NEW #1253 - Io - Infernal Lock special level added (Io main)
NEW #1246 - Io - Shadow Halls branch added
NEW #1249 - Io - new special level - Dark Cathedral
NEW #1235 - toxic fiend added
NEW #1262 - enemies will appear in mixed packs and swarms
NEW #1237 - all traits have now 3 levels! See below:
CHANGE #1236 - master traits are available now at levels 8,11,14
CHANGE #1237 - Skilled perk goes up to level 3 with more bonuses
CHANGE #1240 - Juggler is now a 3 level trait with more bonuses
CHANGE #1238 - Gun Hoarder and Packrat merged into 3 level trait
CHANGE #1237 - Networker and Tinkerer merged into 3 lev Sysop
CHANGE #1241 - Son of a Gun and Gunslinger go up to level 3
CHANGE #1241 - SoG and Gunslinger affect optimal range (not acc)
CHANGE #1241 - Headshot now a 3 level skill used on cooldown
CHANGE #1241 - Headshot no longer blocks Wizard
CHANGE #1237 - Toxicologist now 3 levels (more damage, nades!)
CHANGE #1237 - Energy Leech now 3 levs (lootbox energy, nonmelee)
CHANGE #1237 - Stealth Hack -> Infiltrator (loot/term detect)
CHANGE #1237 - Remote Hack gets 3 levels (autohacking!)
CHANGE #1237 - Golddigger merged into Infiltrator
CHANGE #1238 - Scout Whizkid requires Eagle Eye (usable on AoLT)
CHANGE #1237 - Whizkid now 3 levels, L2 and L3 increase capacity
CHANGE #1237 - Executioner now 3 levels (value nerf, inc range)
CHANGE #1237 - Swashbuckler up to 3 levels (critical buff!)
CHANGE #1237 - Juggernaut, Rip'n'Tear and Bladedancer now 3 levs
CHANGE #1237 - Blademaster buff- melee damage bonus at L2 and L3
CHANGE #1237 - Hellrunner modified to 3 levels, dodge adjusted
CHANGE #1237 - Dodgemaster now 3 levels (L2 min dodge, L3 max)
CHANGE #1237 - Dash gets 3 levels, adds damage reduction
CHANGE #1237 - Running now 3 levels (cost and cooldown reduced)
CHANGE #1237 - Bloodhound now 3 levels (up to full reveal)
CHANGE #1237 - Angry Mofo now 3 levels (more damage and resist)
CHANGE #1237 - Powerjack and Field Medic now 3 levels
CHANGE #1237 - Scavenger now 3 levels (convert to cells/rockets)
CHANGE #1237 - Grenadier has now 3 levels (more,gibs,explosion)
CHANGE #1237 - Eagle Eye has now 3 levels (different ranges)
CHANGE #1237 - Reloader and Army Surplus has additional L3 level
CHANGE #1237 - Ironman goes up to level 3 (for +60 health total)
CHANGE #1237 - Tough as Nails and Hacking has additional L3 level
CHANGE #1237 - Sustained Fire and Furious has additional L3 level
CHANGE #1242 - Pinpoint merged into Deadly Precision (3 levels)
CHANGE #1237 - Hunker Down, Steady Shot and Incoming merged into
a 3 level trait for both Marine and Tech
CHANGE #1237 - Cancel/Escape when modding returns a menu level up
CHANGE #1235 - ice fiend health buffed
CHANGE #1237 - removed Gun Kata accuracy penalty
CHANGE #1237 - removed +1 opt from Sharpshooter
CHANGE #1237 - Vampyre L1/L2 heals less but minimum 5hp
CHANGE #1237 - removed Shottyman, Reload Dance and Second Wind
CHANGE #1237 - removed Die Hard
CHANGE #1237 - swapped Momentum and Vampyre mod tier for melee
CHANGE #1251 - balanced the enemy lists, Hard+ late game harder!
CHANGE #1251 - earliest reaver infestations 2 levels later
CHANGE #1251 - more exalted will spawn on Hard+ on Io/Beyond
CHANGE #1251 - EASY has same amount of enemies as MEDIUM
FIX #1235 - fixed issues with inaccessible floors in Beyond
FIX #1235 - Beyond L3 will properly reveal last 3 enemies
FIX #1237 - medical station states its 160 health max
FIX #1237 - medical health inc wont eat a charge at 160 health
FIX #1237 - skills that reveal will work with ammo terminals
FIX #1237 - zero-time weapon swap will update target info
FIX #1257 - exalted fiends with ranged attack fixed
FIX #1261 - Gun Kata no longer works in the Abyss
FIX #1260 - SHIFT-F will trigger Swashbuckler melee in-place
FIX #1235 - fixed a few rare issues with BSP generators

What's next

Next release is tentatively named 0.9.8 Resolve, will be out within the next month, and will bring a lot more agency to the player ;)

That’s it for today. May RNG be forever in your favor!