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Jupiter Hell 0.9.11 - Curio!

Jupiter Hell 0.9.11 - Curio!

Jupiter Hell 0.9.11 "Curio" is live!
The highlights of this release are potentially run changing new powerful drops - unique weapons, armor and helmets and minor and major relics for the new relic slot! Additionally UI/FX improvements and the regular update of balance changes and fixes (yes, we fixed the Apple M1 white background finally!). See for yourself and read all about it below!

Note that the changelist might be a bit smaller than the previous updates - we've been working hard this release cycle to make Jupiter Hell fully translatable - you'll be hearing more about this soon!

Unique items

A whopping total of 26 unique items have been added to the game! These are not your run of the mill advanced items, or even exotics. Each unique item comes with its own unique perk, and moreover can be improved by using it. Each item is potentially a game winning item, and even if it doesn't fit your build, it might make you consider changing it, or be a great backup tool.

One unique item is guaranteed to appear if you clear out all encountered special levels. Another may rarely show up in the wild (sometimes more, especially on the lower difficulties). And there's one more guaranteed way to obtaining a unique item - secret, but a hint may be found in the changelog below ;).

Additionally, for those privy to the secrets of the Shattered Abyss - the demonic sword was elevated to Unique status ;).

Finally there's a new Player Data page that lists all the uniques and relics you've found, additionally to exotics too (although unfortunately this is not retroactive, as we didn't gather this data before).


Relics are basically magical monster guts. Who doesn't like magical monster guts? They come with their own equipment slot and each one provides both a buff and a downside. Be careful, as dropped relics will be destroyed!

Relics may significantly change the way you play a run, especially ones of the major variety. You do however need to keep in mind their downsides as one can easily drown in the power given by some of them. Just like with uniques, an early interesting relic drop may even change your build!

Other additions

Single shot rifle fans didn't have an upgrade post-sniper rifle, so we added the CRI rail rifle - basically a nerfed railgun (which coincidentally got a buff too!).

If you can't find one, you can probably manufacture one at a station, whose weapon lists have been tiered towards the moon they generate on. You can also manufacture red keycards there (under Manufacture base items), if you're going for the big weapon in CRI Armory/Blacksite Vaults!

CRI backpack is now a permanent upgrade. If you pick it up, it shows up in a section below equipment dedicated to permanent effects - where also things like Wish effects and Medusa's Curse appear.

As a quality of life change we added revealing all icons that are on explored space when you clear the level.

UI/FX improvements

Most prevalently we've added an interline to the UI font rendering, made it pixel-perfect and toned down the chroma abberation. New options for UI window transparency and minimap transparency have been added.

In-game FX also got a facelift - most notably the in-world icons will nicely appear and disappear from view and rocket-like effects have got improved too.

Localization implementation had a few nice side-effects - the mortem kill list respects proper plural forms and is rendered in nice sorted dual columns, and everywhere the game refers to keybindings (tutorial, help, hints), it will respect your non-default keybindings. Oh, and you can disable the written profanity too!

Balance changes

We've noticed that people sometimes fear the regular medusae more than the arch and exalted variants, so we nerfed the regular variant a bit and buffed the special ones. We also nerfed the EXPLOSIVE ravager exalted perk (they now need to reload like everybody else does).

7.62 sniper got a slight nerf with the appearance of the CRI rail rifle, and railgun got a buff.


Several minor bugfixes have been made (full changelog below), but the one we're most happy with is finally fixing the issue that has been making the screen white exclusively on Apple M1 laptops. It was not us, it was them :P (or MoltenVK).

Rest of the major bugs fixed are listed below.


Beta 0.9.10 - Curio - June 28, 2021
NEW #1350 - Unique items! (18 weapons, 3 armors, 3 helmets)
NEW #1394 - Relics! (13 minor and 12 major)
NEW #1421 - Player Data page with uniques, relics and exotics
NEW #1393 - option to turn off UI window transparency
NEW #1393 - option to modify minimap transparency
NEW #1411 - CRI rail rifle (and ADV) added (common railgun)!
CHANGE #1390 - Mk1 and Mk2 stations have per-episode lists
CHANGE #1390 - Mk1 and Mk2 stations - same list but Mk1 is AV1
CHANGE #1355 - item icons now have fading and animation
CHANGE #1399 - help, hints and tutorial respects keybindings
CHANGE #1399 - text profanity can now be turned off as well
CHANGE #1390 - red keycards option at manufacture stations
CHANGE #1396 - item and activate sprites revealed on level clear
CHANGE #1393 - added font interline for readability
CHANGE #1397 - drop position prioritizes source-visible squares
CHANGE #1398 - permanent effects now have their own section
CHANGE #1398 - CRI backpack is now a permanent upgrade
CHANGE #1393 - reduced amount of chromatic aberration
CHANGE #1400 - improved post mortem kill list
CHANGE #1414 - Army of Darkness requires Furious (not Ironman)
CHANGE #1411 - 7.62 sniper slightly nerfed, railgun buffed
CHANGE #1420 - Wealth wish changed
CHANGE #1418 - crash save parachute will work on loaded level
CHANGE #1419 - improved FX of rocket and mortar attacks
CHANGE #1426 - reduced regular medusa damage and accuracy
CHANGE #1426 - increased arch/exalt medusa armor
CHANGE #1426 - EXPLOSIVE ravagers need to reload after shot
FIX #1417 - fixed edge case in improper smoke vision
FIX #1403 - fixed crit display for exact multiples of 100%
FIX #1425 - fixed XP from player induced barrel explosions
FIX #1416 - frenzy perk properly removed on switching weapons
FIX #1400 - proper plural enemy names in mortem
FIX #1393 - ASCII now pixel perfect
FIX #1395 - fix for Apple M1 white background
FIX #1394 - fixed BFT icon color
FIX #1426 - fixed summoner buff not procing early enough
FIX #1416 - fixed SHIFT compare with target on door frame

What's next

Full release data is getting near and the Forges of Chaos are working at full steam. Expect the next release in 2-3 weeks!