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Jupiter Hell 0.9.10 - Medusa!

Jupiter Hell 0.9.10 - Medusa!

Jupiter Hell 0.9.10 "Medusa"* is live! The highlights of this release are the eponymous enemy, the BIG gun everyone has been waiting for, melee exotics and AMPs, the railgun, UI and FX improvements, rerolling AV perks in manufacture stations, new message-quests, trait upgrades and more! See for yourself and read all about it below!


Jupiter Hell has been lacking truly endgame enemies, since our lovely Summoner subs for the end boss currently. Well this changes today, with the Medusa and its far more dangerous Archmedusa cousin. Be careful, as even a optimized build that steamrolls the endgame may find themselves in a tricky situation when faced with this foe! Oh, and in the meantime, the Summoner didn't want to stay behind, so he got a buff too!

The BIG guns!

Yes, you know what I'm writing about. The Big F*cking you know what is finally here. Small hint - search for it in CRI Armory or Black Site Vaults. Oh, and another golden era weapon makes its appearance too - the railgun ;).

Melee exotics and AMPs

Melee weapons finally got the treatment of their ranged counterparts - 7 new exotic melee weapons are too be found, as well as dedicated melee AMPs!

Perk rerolling

Get more control over your AV items (and non-exotic exotic item perks) with the new option available at Mk2 and Mk3 manufacturing stations. A fistful of multitools is the only thing standing between you and your god roll.

UI and FX improvements

Enemy health bars flash indicating the max damage your weapon can do. Barrel explosions nicely chain now. FPS drops from massive amounts of debris are reduced, dissapearing lights have been fixed (though reduce your simple light count in the options if you're on a low-end GPU), top-right damage info for weapons with crit has been improved, and a few minor changes here!

Trait upgrades

Several minor changes have been made (see changelog below), but the major ones are a much more interesting and powerful Infiltrator L2 and L3, a much more user friendly Juggernaut, Vampyre with armor regeneration, and Swashbuckler finally working as intended!

New message-quests

Each release we improve on the message-quest system, and each release the objectives become more complex. We will always keep them keyword based, and always picking the message up will be optional. This time however, you might want to stick to some, to know what you're getting yourself into ;)

Minor changes and fixes

Several major bugfixes have been made. Most notably the Volatile Storage crash should happen no more, and the event looks way more fun too. Several small buffs have been added (i.e. Point Blank now works in ranges 1-2). Oh, and Nightmare! got it's enemy accuracy buff back. No longer will anyone say it's easier than UV ;).

Full Changelog

Beta 0.9.10 - Medusa - June 5, 2021
NEW #0683 - Medusa - dangerous end-game enemy!
NEW #1353 - new exotic - the big gun you've been waiting for!
NEW #1352 - new exotic - railgun!
NEW #1370 - 7 new exotic melee weapons!
NEW #1371 - added melee AMPs with appropriate perks
NEW #1258 - UI - enemy health bar flashing damage indicator
NEW #1383 - Mk2 m-facture stations can reroll basic perks
NEW #1383 - Mk3 m-facture stations can also reroll adv perks
NEW #1320 - 30 new message-"quests"!
CHANGE #1369 - SPACE now reactivates station you're standing on
CHANGE #1386 - Mk2 stations moved post-Callisto, Mk3 post-Europa
CHANGE #1386 - AV3's generally not present on Callisto
CHANGE #1379 - Nightmare once again has UV enemy accuracy buff
CHANGE #1384 - Infiltrator L2 and L3 much more interesting!
CHANGE #1384 - Juggernaut protects from all frontal attacks
CHANGE #1384 - Juggernaut values slightly lower to offset
CHANGE #1381 - Vampyre reduced to 5%/5%/10%
CHANGE #1381 - Vampyre L2+ heals armor on mech/semi-mech kills
CHANGE #1378 - Summoner fight made harder (esp UV+)
CHANGE #1357 - SusFire, Onslaught are not reset by free actions
CHANGE #1359 - Point Blank perk works in range 1-2
CHANGE #1359 - Retailiate adds full pain percentage to damage
CHANGE #1359 - Durable perk now doubles durability
CHANGE #1358 - bullet visuals match game effects (not physics)
CHANGE #1365 - improved light and sprite fade effects
CHANGE #1373 - removed unused Feet slot from equipment
CHANGE #1373 - added world seed to mortem
CHANGE #1368 - light defaults changed (shotgun light artefacts)
CHANGE #1377 - no reaver infestations on Callisto
CHANGE #1375 - ongoing sounds very quiet on menus and endgame
CHANGE #1292 - changed turret AI and buffed CRI turrets
CHANGE #1258 - better damage info for Crit > 100%
CHANGE #1382 - barrel explosion chains properly chain
CHANGE #1382 - physics properly throttle and chain
CHANGE #1328 - most melee weapons have their swap time halved
CHANGE #1328 - Swashbuckler buffed to compensate for swap time
CHANGE #1384 - damage resist effects properly reduce pain
CHANGE #1385 - AoLT - no extra gun, doesn't block Hoarder
CHANGE #1372 - red keycards more common
FIX #1385 - fixed Swashbuckler zero-time swap not working
FIX #1213 - volatile storage level crashes fixed
FIX #1213 - Volatile Storage has a barrel count cap
FIX #1213 - mass explosions won't kill the music anymore
FIX #1372 - CRI bot Mk2 properly uses his weapons
FIX #1361 - fixed t-pose after teleport
FIX #1376 - disabled enemies no longer progress calibration
FIX #1375 - fixed rare edge case of rotary sound after death
FIX #1292 - enemies properly detect that they are attacked
FIX #1385 - hidden special levels wont show up on Recon
FIX #1384 - you can no longer re-hack/disable from Security
FIX #1384 - sentries in CalSec can no longer be hacked
FIX #1384 - fixed red-locked/active-locked branch elevators
FIX #1384 - drones hacked via terminal will have control

What's next

We're slowly leading to the 1.0 release, but keep your eyes open for 0.9.11 with balance changes, more content, generator improvements, and possibly bigger features ;)

The game is now available 20% off, only until Monday, June 7, 9:00AM PST.

*Yeah, we remember the update was supposed to be called "Unique", but "Unique" isn't as unique as "Medusa", wouldn't you agree?