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Jupiter Hell 1.0 - the Full Release

Jupiter Hell 1.0 - the Full Release

After years of development, it is with great pleasure that I can finally announce - Jupiter Hell comes out of access - we're out of Beta and releasing on time!

This is not just a "final touch" update. No, that would be too easy! This is a complete replacement of the fourth and final episode - Beyond is no more, welcome Dante Station!

Along with Dante comes a completely new final boss and a new complex, challenging and demanding boss fight! Expect to die xD

Moreover, three new enemies have been added. One is the summoner who relieved of boss duty took the much more relatable "warlock" name (and comes with an arch and exalted variant!), with completely new mechanics. You may meet him as early as Io.

The other two are robotic enemies encountered only on Dante Station. The sentinel might be annoying, but fairly weak. The guardian you should fear. Testing required two nerfs already :).

Additionally we've done a lot of UI UX improvements, we hope you'll notice them yourself when you play!

And as usual, a ton of bugfixes. I tried to keep this short today, as I hope you cannot wait to dive in!

Full Release Changelog

Release 1.0 - Dante - August 5th, 2021

NEW #1281 - new endgame - Dante Station (replaces Beyond)!
NEW #1283 - new final boss, with a challenging boss fight!
NEW #1512 - Inferno, a new challenging special level on Dante!
NEW #1439 - new enemy - Guardian (Dante only)
NEW #1492 - new enemy - Sentinel (Dante only)
NEW #1432 - new enemy - Warlock (was Summoner), arch/exalted
NEW #1478 - all sniper rifles come with a scope
NEW #1478 - fullscreen screen turning red effect for low health
NEW #1507 - heartbeat sound on low health
NEW #1404 - profanity selector at first launch
CHANGE #1478 - machete, CRI sword and class swords damage buffed
CHANGE #1478 - Bulletstorm affects reload ammo consumption not shot
CHANGE #1478 - Sniper critical damage bonus +25/+50 on L2 and L3
CHANGE #1478 - Sharpshooter damage bonus +50/+75/+100
CHANGE #1478 - rocket launchers deal impact damage, and slash splash
CHANGE #1506 - grenade damage is properly previewed in target info
CHANGE #1481 - removed XP from Nightmare respawns
CHANGE #1478 - machete, CRI sword and class swords damage buffed
CHANGE #1469 - highest tier enemies will appear less on EASY/MEDIUM
CHANGE #1497 - less buggy looking reveal map effect
CHANGE #1501 - CRT bending strength configurable, better default
CHANGE #1501 - you can have the UI not edge-align undeformed
CHANGE #1449 - added visual quality presets for easier config
CHANGE #1449 - advanced visual settings moved to their own category
CHANGE #1453 - cleaned up Settings window, added descriptions
CHANGE #1514 - show post-shieldgated damage on bar and info
CHANGE #1482 - wave clear on Arena refreshes class resource
CHANGE #1482 - guaranteed Endless stations and armor box drops
CHANGE #1472 - improved dualgunner and Gun Kata Master animation
CHANGE #1485 - multitool count on terminal screens
CHANGE #1490 - W - new default wait key
CHANGE #1490 - cancel manual target with B on gamepad
CHANGE #1473 - Master Traits at level up pulse
FIX #1504 - fix "Level 0" on uniques
FIX #1476 - fix for OpenGL resolution update/changes
FIX #1476 - several issues with uncommon GPU cards
FIX #1476 - fixes to compatibility with desktop scaling
FIX #1490 - removed buggy gamepad_analog setting from Settings
FIX #1477 - prevent multiple VO playing at once
FIX #1464 - fix bot rotation after death/disable
FIX #1476 - fix for Unique glow in bottom right of the map
FIX #1475 - fix for ravager's arm generating unreachable summons
FIX #1475 - fix for rare Io/Mephtic generator crash
FIX #1490 - fixed HUD hint alignment if no FPS display is present
FIX #1490 - unlock requirements properly show the badge counts left
FIX #1490 - fix for rank description and order
FIX #1490 - tutorial texts updated

What's Next

One more thing ;). Is this the end of the journey? No, it is just the beginning! Jupiter Hell may finally be a complete game, but it's a roguelike, and like all roguelikes, there's always something to add! And boy do we have a lot of ideas! We'll fix any outstanding bugs, then take a much needed rest, and jump right back to it! Expect news on 1.1 this year ;)

That's it for today, make sure to make use of the 20% launch discount - it's here for a limited time!

Rip & tear turn after turn after turn... in Jupiter Hell!

Good luck.